Media Development Asia is a business adviser and creative intermediary. It works with the creators and owners of creative content to maximise the value of the content,  and to develop, fund, and commercialise Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR’s”) across all relevant media platforms.

A creative intermediary can include the roles of a gatekeeper, a broker, a source of information and advice, an initiator of new projects, a provider of business support, and a  fundraiser or investor.

Branded Content. The company works with corporate clients and brands to help determine, co-ordinate and refine their strategy for developing and distributing content;

Fund raising. The company structures and raises funds both for financing projects and equity investment;

Business model development. The company analyses and devises appropriate business models for content and IPR’s to identify all the potential sources of revenue that can be generated across different platforms;

Intellectual Assets. The company works with individual or corporate owners of creative IPR’s to build long term value from creating, producing, distributing or selling creative services or products, and developing creative ideas and projects into assets which can be commercialised across different platforms to generate long term revenue streams.

Areas of particular focus include animation, design, film, games, TV formats and production, music, and publishing, and all platforms across traditional, digital and social media.

The company was established in 2007 as a result of an invitation by the Singapore Government to work with local media companies. Its owners have extensive experience in early stage investment, general management, operations, distribution, sales, branding, and marketing.

Its affiliate games company, Chorus Digital Pte Ltd. www.chorusdigital.com specialises in creating and developing games for third party IPR, particularly those based on tv formats, for branded content, and for training purposes.